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Technical Questions:

What do you mean by Specialist in plywood chairs and chairs frame?

We have imported plywood and frames. As far as your question is concerned mostly plywood chairs are not appropriate according to your needs, many manufacturers of chairs are using thin sheets which are not plywood. Thus we deals in imported plywood which is very high in quality and extend chairs life.

Do you manufacture chairs by yourself?

Yes we are manufacturer of many type of chairs. Whether you want to execute any design of chair or any idea do you have you just need to let us know?

Are you manufacturer of Auditorium chairs or if someone else want imported auditorium chairs so what will you do in this case?

If you would like to manufacture your own design according to your budget we can do it. Furthermore, we can import auditorium chairs. You just need to share your design.

What is the meaning of Lumbar support in office chairs?

Our spins have a natural curvature that needs constant support without this support our bodies tend to compensate by slouching which can lead to back pain over time.

What does the actual installation do you have your own in-house crew or do you contract out?

We have our own crew.

Any interior designer or architecture willing to join you so what will be the procedure?

Its Very simple, they would just meet us along with their profile.

Why buy from grandPa designs ?

Quality is our first priority. Huge variety of office plywood chairs, quick service, great prices from others.

Sales Questions:

Which types of chairs do you have?

We have many types of chairs it depends on your need. For further detail either visit our website or send us an email.

What is your product warranty/guarantee?

we offer 01 year parts replacement warranty. Lifetime after sales service guarantee for chairs.

What is your selling process?

you just need to call/text us our sales team will contact you.

Do you have a showroom where i can take a look at office furniture?


What are the discounts for corporate clients?

Yes definitely discounts are given to corporate clients. it depends  on maximum  quantity.

What is the procedure to claim the warranty?

you will have to provide the copy of invoice.

If someone wants imported office/restaurant/cafeteria chairs what would you do in this case?

We can import if from anywhere from your desire country. Not only in the field of chairs we have import facility for any other product/item/machinery as well.

Billing Questions:

If I am from outside the country/city and want to start business with you in that case what will be procedure?

you will have to provide us your business credentials. We will definitely review it after that we would assure you.

if I like your designs of chairs and want to buy it from other city/country what will be the procedure?

You have to deposit online payment in Grandpa Designs account. Further detail would be provided by our sales department.

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