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Static Pass box (Wall Mounted)

In pharmaceuticals manufacturing industries,pass boxes are normally used to transfer a particular material between two areas generally of different cleanliness levels.The boxes can be said to tranfer the materials from a high level of cleanilness to a lower level of cleaniiness.The pass boxes while tranfering the material ,help to prevent air from flowing from one area to another.Pass Boxes are made of stainless steel.

There are two types of pass boxes used in pharmaceutical industries and these are

01.Dynamic Pass Boxes
02.Static Pass Boxes

The static pass boxes which are known to transfer materials between two clean environments which are equally clean and are designed to work with minimal personnel movement.A static pass box should never be used to transfer material between a clean room and a non-clean room,it only transfers material between two equally clean environments.A Static Pass Box Doesn’t have the filters.A Static Pass Box Doesn’t have the filters

Description of Static Pass box (Wall Mounted):

*Stainless Steel pass through Box.

*Stainless Steel (304)

*Inside Stainless Steel Sheet (16swg) Panelling.

*Stainless Steel 1″x3″ pipe frame doors.

*8mm temperred glass on doors.

*Stainless Steel latch locks both sides with mechanical interlocking.

*UV light with both sides on/off switch.(Chinese Brand)

*Grind finish from inside & outside.

*Working area: Width18″ x 10″Height x 21″Depth.

*Outer SIde: Width24″ x Height24″ x 24″Depth.

*External flush surface and ace corner ensure no dust collection and easy cleaning.

*Doulbe doors are interlocked to prevent from cross-contamination.

*Dedicated sanitary rubber strip to ensure airtightness.

*Equipped with UV light

Note:Static pass Box can be manufactured as per client needs & specifications.


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